Bbc 6 music stream is having issues

Hello, Streaming BBC 6 Music keep stopping and the stream itselft is 15 mins off. Any one else having these issues?


Yes. It’s stopping stopping frequently but I can restart it immediately.

Hello @Morgan_Engle , the streams seem on time to me - which stream are you playing? Is it the case for all of them?

well, now its working again! problem solved :slight_smile:

Hi, I am a new users and can not work out how to add 6 miscue to room, could anyone help with the correct URL to cut and paste? Many thanks, James

Welcome to the Roon community, @james_turley.

There’s no need to add the station since our volunteer radio curators have already added it to Roon.

Search for “bbc radio 6 music” and select all results for radio…

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Thank you, and thank you! That worked

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