BBC 6 Music won't work

I’m trying to listen to BBC 6 Music, one of my favorite radios, but it does not work with Roon. Neither the curated stream nor a stream I try to add manually load.
I live in France, I understood I’m limited to the lower bitrate stream, which I can load in my regular radio app or VLC but Roon won’t want it.
Any idea?
I receive those messages :

Hmm, working here in the Netherlands at the moment…

Works fine for me too.

Has the station worked before or is the first time you’ve tried?

Can you listen to other stations ok?

What is your core running on? It may be a codec issue.

Hello, thanks for your answers.
I’m new to Roon, so I’m setting up my system and it’s the first time I useIradios.
I use a Synology Nas, I can listen to other radios yes.

I suspect the codec setup in the NAS. By default mp3 will work but aac won’t.

To confirm, can you play CJSW? - it’s an aac only station.

If it is the codecs, then you need to add ffmpeg to your NAS, see Synology DSM7 – RoonOnNAS.

Thanks a lot!!! I went to to download the files and added them to the roon/bin folder, in case a user stumbles upon the same problem as mine.
Side question… you offered me to test CJSW, but I can filter radios and not search them… so I could not find it at all. How the hell can I find a radio when I don’t know in which section to “filter” it?

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Use the magnifying glass.

Oh wow… as the popup window returned “No results” I did not have the clue to click Enter… maybe it could be improved… thanks a lot again anyway for your time and patience.

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