BBC iPlayer integration

BBC iPlayer radio is a great resource . Is there any way of accessing it through Roon , if not is it something you would be willing to look at . Definitely something for everyone on it .


I actually love the feel of it - very ‘full frame’ graphics and modern - if not slightly confusing at times. I often use it alongside Roon to get ‘currently playing’ track info. (Pretty much only 6 music for me these days, and most,y Lauren Laverne)

I doubt it can be integrated, but I’d love if at least the now playing info was displayed for BBC radio feeds - since the BBC have very good data. Doesn’t have to link to Roons database - just the text would be enough for me (artist, track).

I assume you know you can put the BBC streaming URLs into Roons internet radio?


Hi Steve , yes aware of that option. its very enjoyable to browse through and come across a documentary or show that you missed. Being the BBC it’s always of very high quality .

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Just had a request from SWMBO for some of the Proms to be played over the system, they seem not to understand when you say " well the old system with LMS could but the new one can’t"

You get a silence - then a frown - then “and this is better how?”

LMS has been unable to do this now for some time? My Naim UQ could do it, but the BBC changed the way they decode programs for iPlayer

I’ve just installed Roon on a trial basis in a view to replacing Logitech Media Server and I am a HEAVY user of BBC iPlayer Radio Listen Again. TuneIn is absolutely no substitute, does not even have the most recent Listen Again programmes, let alone the BBC iPlayer Extra functionality of listening back to ALL episodes not just the the most recent, is this even on the table as an option?

I have yet to explore Roon’s metadata features, but no BBC iPayer Radio Listen Again would be a dealer breaker for me.

I just chrome cast The amazing BBCi Radio Player. It would be lovely in Roon but I’m not holding my breath. Roon is global and BBC is UK

The BBC Radio programmes are not geofenced - or at least Radio 3 isn’t - I’ve just cast it to my Chromecast Ultra, and I’m in the Netherlands.

I think things will change. I have registered as a license payer and that may be required in time.

Hmm - it wouldn’t surprise me. Bl**dy Brexit! A few years ago the Beeb ran a trial of allowing subscription access to their TV archives for domestic and international users, but that got dropped for international users, presumably because the returns didn’t justify the service.

I do hope that 2018 will not mark the last time I can hear the Proms…

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Would it be possible to have native BBC iPlayer (BBC Sounds) support using Roon? I think that the BBC iPlayer only supports a UK audience. There is however a massive catalogue of older radio shows on the BBC sounds website, is it possible to integrate these into Roon?


The BBC would have to invest significant effort to make their “massive catalogue of older radio shows” available to third parties whilst developing tech to ensure that their content was restricted to a UK audience. What’s in it for them to do this ?