BBC national Radio Data

The radio data I noticed earlier seems to be missing now. I wonder if anyone knows what is going on here?

Well, the data is back and it also can lead to a live link in Roon… This is the high quality AAC stream

Also the data actively changes…

Ok, it doesn’t update as reliably as it should. Stop and start the stream will create an update. Let’s hope it improves soon…

Metadata should update more reliably now, please post here if you face issues.

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I’m still having issues. BBC Radio 2. I had to stop the stream to get an update from Steve Wright in the afternoon, when the show ended. Track playing data did not show through that whole show.

2 possibilities:

  • Roon devs are still working on metadata backend code (I know they are as I had technical exchanges with them yesterday on the matter). This can cause interruptions of metadata service
  • BBC API is not 100% of the time sending program and songs, according to my experience, so metadata can miss occasionally

BBC Radio 2 metadata are displayed properly as I type this post.

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That’s great to hear. I notice there is no program information on BBC Radio 4 although that’s clearly not a music station. But programs info would be nice…

Here are the BBC channels currently supported:

Let me know if you are interested in others (well taken for BBC Radio 4, I overlooked it initially as I realised it was mostly spoken).

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Would it be too much to ask for a roll out to BBC Local Radio stations, although I appreciate there are a lot of them.

Rémi - I’ve just discovered that metadata is now appearing when I play Radio 3. Great addition. However, where is this metadata coming from? Is it the BBC direct, or is Roon supplementing it with additional information?

I ask because I’m currently listening to a recording of the BBC Concert Orchestra at Saffron Hall. The titles and the composer of the pieces are correct, but the performers are all wrong. E.g. Saint-Saens Danse Macabre is credited as being performed by the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal conducted by Kent Nagano (and I happen to have that recording in my library).

Metadata is not in the stream from BBC, probably to have people come to their app or website.
Metadata is actually fetched by Roon from BBC API (and displayed.
There’s not much information available in this API, album and performers are unknown.
Roon is trying its best to find a match. In the case of classical there are so many performances of a given work by various interprets that it’s a game of luck… For pop/jazz it’s way more reliable.

Some APIs are richer, such as France Musique :

See that the “metadata” string is very comprehensive, that’s what it will be displayed in Roon. It’s not always allowing Roon to find a “match” with an existing album but at least the info is displayed.

It’s probably too much :slight_smile: Give me some and I’ll start with these

Ok, I’ll be selfish here… BBC Radio Essex and BBC Radio Suffolk. BBC London, would be a good one as it’s the capital city. Thanks for the great work, it is appreciated

Thanks for the info. TBH, in the case of BBC Radio 3, I would just stick with what you get. Please do not supplement it with random matches from Roon’s database. The performers will almost certainly be wrong. False matches are likely to drive Classical listeners into a fury - we are a notoriously picky bunch. :anguished:

Metadata implemented for BBC Radio 4 please check if OK.

This wrong information is beginning to grate. Please don’t try and match the BBC’s metadata with some random album. Just give the basic metadata…

Flagging @dylan @nathan
This is not new behaviour, Roon has always been trying to match Live Radio metadata with some albums, and in the case of classical 99% of the time the wrong performance/album that is picked up.
There is no solution to this with the current implementation.

I just had a quick check and it’s great… Thank you…

Six BBC radios have been added to the Live Radio metadata Roon backend:

If more are needed just let me know: BBC Sounds - Stations & Schedules

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I’ve just noticed that the metadata for BBC 6 Music has vanished over the past few days. Is there any chance that could be brought back. Many thanks.

This is due to a bug introduced 2 weeks ago in version 2.0.11…
It has been solved in yesterday’s update: Roon 2.0.12 and ARC 1.0.33 are live!
Make sure you Core is up to date and let us know if BBC Radio 6 metadata has resumed.