BBC Radio not working [on ROCK]

Any ideas how I can get the stations from BBC to play?
Keep getting error message saying stream not available. I use a Naim system and the radio stations play fine through the Naim app and NDX2 / Muso

Just tried 6music and Radio 4 and both working fine (I’m in the UK) @18:15

I get the same message with LW but FM radio 4 works.


When did you last play this station? Did you add the station yourself or from Live Radio?

The Live Radio stream does work; check your stream with the following. Moreover, some BBC streams only work in the UK.

I tried the station from Midwest USA and it is working for me. Shows only one option for stream.
Three of the four streams show as restricted to GB in the database.

Yes, I deleted the LW version I had and re-added it and it now works fine.


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Still can’t get mine to work
I’m in the UK. Tried all of the above but no luck

What is your Roon Core (machine/OS)?
Can you play any other radio station?
Does the machine your Roon Core runs on have codecs installed to play AAC and MP3?

I’m using i7 NUC running Rock which explains why I can’t stream MP3 / AAC.
Is there a way to install these on the ROCK’ed NUC without having windows on ?

Here you go:


Thanks for you help with this
problem resolved :slight_smile:

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