BDP-1 Roon Dropouts

Is anyone else with a Bryston BDP having occasional dropouts with Roon?

It’s not common, but it’s happening a couple of times per listening session (let’s say on the order of 1 per hour or more).

Just curious if I’m alone in experiencing this, in which I case maybe I have a network or RoonServer issue.

The only time I have an issue is when my network is loaded up with traffic. I get a drop out from time to time, and usually the remainder of the track is skipped. I have approximately 30 items on the network, using direct ethernet, POE, MoCA, and wifi. If I’m just listening to music, I have few troubles. I am only playing PCM flac files up to 24/192. My “wired” throughput on the network is fine to over 2mbps. Happens on my microRendu too.

I think the skips are more a function of my network limitations than the player.

Thanks. I think you are correct with your assessment.

Here’s what drives me crazy: I play PCM up to 192/24 via MPD on the BDP-1 or using MinimServer (DLNA) to a Cubox-I w/ Volumio on the same network, with the same files and never have drop-outs.

Generally, the only time MPD would ever dropout on my BDP-1 is when I attempted a database update, and it froze up along the way. Never could get that MM database feature to work correctly. At the meantime, I am researching eero to supplement my wi-fi network. The audio shouldn’t dropout per se, but in my shared network (with so much on it) a competing firmware / software update downloading in the background, an internet speed drop, etc., could factor in. For the most part it operates pretty well in both modes. I have 300mbps service, but have to reboot the modem and router once in awhile when the system slows to a crawl.

You and everyone else… don’t get me started on Manic Moose.

I have a BDP-1 but never experienced a single dropout on beta and all official releases. Not with local files on Roon server, not with NAS file and not while streaming Tidal. Even when streaming movies in an other room and recording HD satellite streams to the same NAS.
I think your network is to blame. Cheaper switches and routers tend to freeze sometimes,…

I have a few dropouts, but my network is pretty loaded up. Would you kindly list your network components. I am always looking for ways to enhance performance.

I just ordered a three set of EERO and hope they can provide solid connection access points and better wi-fi coverage. I am running three Linksys switches, power line modules, and MoCA modules. Your networking suggestions and component recommendations are welcomed. Thank you.

That’s a red herring comment. I have 2 apple TVs in the house that stream HD content across the same network, wirelessly, without issue. The difference: the endpoints have 8GB or 32GB of flash that aggressively buffer/cache.

Sorry, but I blame RAAT for dropouts, as everything else I use on the same network never drops-out (DLNA, MPD from NAS, Airplay, etc).

Just to troubleshoot the source of your dropouts: what happens if you run Roon Bridge on the Cubox?

I will do some extended listening with the Cubox this weekend and report back.

I’ve never had dropout or skip problems with Manic Moose, but I am having that problem with Roon. It skips about once an hour. Sometimes it simply skips to the next track, from the middle of the track being played.

Otherwise, I have no problems.

The skip problem is a major problem, especially when it skips to the next track and I have to reset the playlist to play the skipped track again.

So, I’ve been doing extended listening with the BDP-1, instead. Since I started this, there are have two BETA releases for updates to Manic Moose. Don’t know if anything’s changed on the BDP or with Roon (I’m not tracking versions), but I am not experiencing any more dropouts. All is well…

That good to hear Ken. My BDP-1 is working well too, although I only downloaded the first Manic Moose beta. The EERO router setup has helped too. I definitely recommend EERO.

I think I’ve fixed it. I uninstalled Roon, including database and settings from the laptop and reinstalled the program as a Remote, with the Roon Core, etc, being installed on the SSD on the NAS. This effectively transforms the laptop, or similar, to only perform as a remote control, not as a music server.

Fast Audio Analysis and file importing worked without problems; and music is not stuttering. It did not take long for the Roon database to be re-established on the SSD, with the music files being Watched as a Local Folder.

The problem arises when Roon is installed on an IPad/Notebook/Laptop which are wifi remotes. Putting it on the NAS puts the application on a connection wired to the music system via ethernet. While it was on the laptop it was operating as a wifi server application. Wifi, ofcourse, is not as fast as ethernet.

Instructions should specify to install Roon on a NAS drive or component which is wired to the music system.

On Qnap the address for Local Folder is /share/music.

A fair point on the wifi for a core but most would I hope not ever consider placing a server on any type of wifi connection and the core is essentially a server app. might be worth pointing it out in the core machine specs a highly desirable for proper operation. @support

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Can you be a bit more specific about the issues you’re experiencing? WiFi is generally going to be slower than a wired connection, but we’ve seen it work in a number of configurations, so I’d like to make sure we’re understanding your issues.


The issue is the same as many other Roon clients have described on this Site and others. Dropouts/stuttering. It used to skip tracks or crash saying the file is taking too long to load. Audio analysis would get stuck, which usually signaled I was going to have problems with music files crashing because taking too long to load. These issues may be related to NAS set ups, NOT HDD connected to music system by landline. I know JRiver also has stuttering when on ethernet but worked on USB connected via computer.

Maybe the times when it works on other systems they have MP3 files on HDD or NAS. I have seen where people have 30k MP3 files on HDD. I don’t have MP3 files. Maybe the ones which work are using MP3. That seems to be the standard. I attended a highend component demo where the presenter played MP3 files, until someone complained about sound quality.

As far as I’m concerned, for best performance, put the core on a computer/NAS connected by USB/ethernet to the music system. If a configuration on wifi laptop does not work, connect the laptop to ethernet, so that there is a landline connection. I did not try connecting my laptop to ethernet, I should have, but reinstalling the core onto the NAS is easy enough. The most difficult part was working out the address for the Watched Folder.

I would agree that it is worth specifying Roon core should be wired.
It can work wirelessly on a laptop, but recently I have had a lot of dropouts with Tidal.
Checking my broadband speed I get 155Mbps wired.
Wifi is very variable, typically around 40Mbps, but when I was getting lots of dropouts I ran a broadband speed checker and it showed the download speed had virtually ground to a halt <2Mbps and playback started and stopped as the speed went up and down.

Unfortunately, I have stuttering and skipping tracks once more. This is on vinyl records converted to high res music files. Each record side makes up a file. I suspect the size of the files is causing the loading to become slow and sometimes skip the track. I don’t have this problem using MPD on Bryston BDP-1