BDP-1 vs Pi questions

Slight newbie here. About to retire my 2009 mac mini and have don’t have a very big budget to replace it with. I have less than 500Gbs of music and would prefer to keep it locally with my audio system, which I understand I can do with the BDP. I’m wondering if either of these units run the Roon Core or if they are an extension of a network that I’d have to create. Also, I’m wondering given that the BDP-1’s are now a little cheaper in the used market than the Pi what would be the advantage in buying the Pi? Really appreciate any advice here.

As far as I know neither of those devices can run Roon Core. The Bryston’s would just function as endpoints for the audio stream. The audio files should be kept with the Roon Core Server and not on the Bryston boxes.

I own a standard Bryston BDP-1. Not useable as a Roon core. Functions nicely as a Roon endpoint. I am using mine upstream from a Schiit Gumby MB via BNC output and a Meridian Prime Headphone Amp USB output (works nice with Tidal MQA files).

Here’s a link for a demo Bryston BDP-1 (USB only model).

Thank you fellas. So if I connect a hard drive (just a regular hard drive NOT a NAS) directly to either of the Bryston, and used my mac book to run Roon…is that enough complete the Roon system?

You should connect the storage to the Roon Core Server, not the Bryston. Mainly, because Roon has to pull the music down to the server to then send it back out to the audio endpoints. If you attached it to the Bryston you’d be doubling network traffic.

Thank you Daniel!

A hard drive connected to the Bryston wont support Roon core. There are some portable devices that will work like Sonic Transporter (Sonore/Small Green Computer). A hard drive connected to the Bryston can play flac files stored on the hard drive, but this would be outside of Roon and handled via MPD. This link from Small Green Computer might be helpful.