BDP-2 -- Roon Core? [Solved]

I tried to setup my Bryston BDP-2 with Roon using the new 60 day trial code. I can’t connect the Roon app in my iPhone 6 to the BDP-2 to run Roon.

I downloaded Roon to a Lenovo PC and to my iPhone 6 as an app. The Bryston BDP-2’s firmware has been updated to S 2.28 as recommended.

I am assuming that the BDP-2 firmware incorporates the Roon core, so I can use a PC or an iPhone to control the BDP-2 remotely. The BDP-2’s two-line display then stated, “Roon Ready!”

I connected the BDP-2 to my network via an ethernet cable, and confirmed the connection was good by pulling up the BDP-2’s Manic Moose dashboard. The dashboard said it was Roon Ready, and the BPD-2’s standard MPAD had been turned off.

When I loaded Roon from either a PC (connected to the network) or on my iPhone (connected to the internet and to the network via wi-fi, the Roon program started scanning for libraries. Neither the PC or the iPhone couldn’t find the BDP-2 to remotely control. When I typed in the hostname (\bryston-BDP-2.local\drives) or the IP address (\\drives) I got the error message, “Please enter a valid IP address or hostname to scan.”

Question: Any suggestions to help make it possible for me to connect to the Roon core in the BDP-2?

Thanks in advance,

It is a Roon Ready endpoint. NOT a server core.

Hi Laurence,

This KB page sets out the Roon architecture and should explain things.

With the equipment you describe, you can run Roon on the Lenovo as a Core, control it from either the Lenovo or your iPhone and send output to the BDP-2.

[quote=“Laurence_Greenhill, post:81, topic:8209”]
I am assuming that the BDP-2 firmware incorporates the Roon core
[/quote]Hi Laurence,

There is no Roon Core in the BDP-2 … Roon Ready means that the device supports the RAAT protocol and can thus be seen across the local network by the Roon Core (installed elsewhere).

The Roon Core in your case shows be running on your PC.

I would take it step by step and first get Roon running on your PC … and configured to watch your music files.
Once these have been scanned and added to the Roon database then you should see the album covers in Roon.

Next go to Roon’s Audio setting and enable the local output as an audio zone. Once do you should be able to play music using the PC’s internal audio.

After that go back to audio setup and look for the BDP-2 as a networked audio device. Enable it … You should then be able to select that zone on stream music to it from Roon.

Once that’s working, fire up the Roon app on you iPhone and when prompted connect it to your Roon Core (running on the PC).

Then you can use the iPhone to control Roon.

Hope that helps.
Also do look in the Roon Knowledge Base for lots of how to help.

Thanks for your clear description. I now know that my PC will contain the Roon core. However my music files are stored on the BDP-2 not in the PC. How do I get the Roon core in the PC to find the music files?

Fellow BDP owner here… a number of folks on AudioCircle are asking the same question and here was my answer on that forum:

You don’t want that setup. You shouldn’t be using the BDP as a NAS server to Roon (Core or Server) running on another machine to process your files and then send raw PCM back to the BDP for playback. It effectively doubles the network load and will degrade “analysis” performance.

Directly attach your USB drives to the Roon computer (running Roon Core or RoonServer) or point Roon to a dedicated NAS box (e.g. Synology or WD MyCloud, which is what I use).

Thanks for the information! I will connect my music files directly to the PC running Roon.

Roon instructions suggest that the BDP-2 becomes an output device. That’s interesting because the BDP-2 was designed to be a source device. If it’s used as an output, what function does it serve? Why would one just stream the files from the PC to one’s DAC and forget about the BDP-2?

Larry G

[quote=“Laurence_Greenhill, post:7, topic:12214”]
Why would one just stream the files from the PC to one’s DAC and forget about the BDP-2?
[/quote]Because the PC and DAC may be in different rooms, using the BDP-2 as an Roon Ready device allows Roon to stream to it across the network.

And, in theory, it will sound better than using your PC directly connected to your DAC.

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