BDP-Pi Roon Ready?

Is the new BDP-Pi Roon Ready?

Built on the raspberry Pi, so probably will be ( or Bridge ). Why they would promote it being a pi/berry combo as a high-end manufacturer is beyond me. Sounds cheap, but probably won’t be.

A used BDP-1 would probably be a better product at a lesser price.

Bryston is saying ‘Yes’ on AudioCircle.

Why would that be?

Nick, I suggest you take a look over at the Audiocircle Bryston, Bryston pi thread. The pi is limited to PCM, and is meant for persons entering the digital realm. The BDP-1 used can be had for less than the pi, and will do more. The pi is their entry level machine. No DSD.

Below is a link for a new Demo BDP-1 USB model for a grand…I have an early version BDP-1 standard, and it works well…Manic Moose software is Roon Ready.

BDP-1 standard version also has AES/EBU and BNC outputs. USB version is USB only. Both have ethernet connections.

I am completely new to Roon and do not have it running yet. I think that I have determined that Core refers to a computer, in my case an iMac. I want to use Roon to control audio files connected to a Bryston BDP-Pi via a hard drive. The BDP-Pi is on the same ethernet network as the iMac computer. Is this even possible? So far I have not determined how to even select the Bryston BDP-Pi as an Audio Device. I have read the Roon Knowledge Base and cannot figure it out. I cannot find any way to select the BDP-Pi device. Any help appreciated. Thanks


Hi Brian,

I have an Imac which manages the Rooncore. Music Files are connected to the imac via USB SSD.

Your Bryston pi will be an endpoint. (I have a BDP-1).