Beatles in mono

Here are the results for The Beatles in Mono multiple disc box set, EMI Music Japan cat# TOCP-71041-53. Metadata is from Discogs, their reference is [r9030189]. MP3TAG can use this reference to populate all the fields, including Album Artist, artist, disc track and so on.

MP3Tag screenshot

As catalogued, the album title is the same for all discs. “The Beatles in Mono”

Here is the File Exporer view, each disc has its own folder.

Roon displays the 11 titled discs, with the same label of “The Beatles in mono”, but has different cover art.

Using the SAME metadata, here is a shot if JRiver26. The single album with the cover art as determined by MP3Tag.


Back to Roon, the individual covers come from ? Roon decides. These are iconic album covers, but it would be consistent, if the albums are split up have the titles on them, like “The Beatles in Mono” “Rubber Soul”, but the album view only lists what’s in the metadata.

So in the case of the Pierre Henry albums where the subfloders are listed CD01, CD02, the structure is correct when the album is opened, but when named as per the album, it’s split? Is this behaviour written down and illustrated anywhere?

Would like an answer where the box cover art in Roon needs to be stored so it can be clicked on to view from Roon.

Yes. it’s in the KB article. Giving each CD folder its own name will cause a box set to be split. Some people prefer this, because, at present, it’s the only way to see the cover art for individual CDs in a box set.

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Thanks for the KB article reference.

Ok, that’s the behaviour for each folder, from the Pierre Henry folder naming system, cd01 etc, Roon can collate multiple discs in one album entry. The unanswered question still remains in where does the box artwork and liner notes be saved in order to view them.

Thank you.

For a boxset, save the PDFs and JPGs in the root folder for the album.

That suggestion doesn’t work when the albums are in their own folder. Does this occur if folders for the albums are named CD01, or just 01?

What I needed to do was the box set photos can appear iff

The Beatles in Mono
photo1 box set.jpg
photo2 box set.jpg
1-01 A saw her standing there,flac
2-01 It Won’t be Long.flac

This means that the one album has all the artwork from the other albums.

That’s what I said…

At present, a boxset will only use one album cover for all discs…

I give up and done with this topic.

Have you tried clicking the 3 dots in front of the album name, and editing the metadata preferences? You can do for each album individually?

Did you try merging all of the Beatles albums?

I use MP3TAG for bulk tagging of music files for quite a few years now and it’s reliable. The capability of the Roon tagger is primordial in comparison, and use it rarely.

The structure is missing for box sets.
It should follow
\Music\Artist\Box set album name\album name\01-music.flac.
Cover art for the box ends up in the box set album name, and individual albums with their own art.

That structure doesn’t work for Roon, works for Jriver.

So now I give up .

I too use mp3tags, and I have experienced little problem on the occasion I have to force album or artist art into roon.

FWIW, peace,