Beatles Mono Box Set - Help! and Rubber Soul not identified


Just stuck my rips of Help! and Rubber Soul (Mono editions) in Roon. They both came out in 2009 and contain both mono and stereo versions of the original albums on each CD.

When I clik on Identify Album only half the tracks get matched per album. Am I missing something or does the Roon CD database not contain every official release of every album?


No it doesn’t. I have ~100 albums not identified, even after trying manual matching.

Hi Leon,

It should be there. When you Identify, make sure you select the Mono version.

Also, make sure it’s the CD version (2 of 3). You may have to do a lot of down arrowing.

Cheers, Greg

Wow, yeah a lot of scrolling and clicking to match things up. I ended up just selecting the official releases of Help! and Rubber Soul which let me have at least the released mono tracks correctly matched (and also meant I have the album artwork rather than the boxset artwork for the covers).

Still going on today and editing album to identify it still has no correct match