Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover wrong?

I went to the Beatles, discography tab and saw this…


I’ve got the right cover on my discography tab but there’s a Qobuz version with that cover. It has the standard track count, 2017 remixes in 44.1/16

If you listen, it’s certainly not the Beatles. Perhaps a bit of clever marketing?

Dracula Jackson

Hey @Rugby,

Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I’m unable to help you because Roon’s Terms and Conditions require all customers to have those Beatles albums in their library and I can tell by your icons that you do not! :angry:

JUST KIDDING! :rofl: We had a similar situation not long ago with a band called To-Peace and their cover album of Abbey Road. There was so much similarity between their version and the actual album that it got lumped in. Joel has already fixed Pepper it in the code, it should update and remedy this soon.


Well, I do have them all on vinyl. And I have the latest hi def versions, pepper, white, Abbey, etc,. Just not on that core.:wink:

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I’ve also purchased more versions than I could possibly count of each of these. Can’t have too much of The Fabs! :loud_sound:

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But did you get the apple USB ?


I didn’t !!

I almost did, had it in the order box for 175 bucks and thought twice about ordering it, so didn’t.

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