Beautiful example of MQA music from tidal streaming (352kHz?!)


MQA Sounds a bit better then DSD 64 on my setup. Nice samples to check for yourself:

Have you compared to the original master DXD version 24/352.8k offered by 2L? In my system, the DXD sounds more dynamic, better soundstage, focus and depth compared to MQA version. The DSD256 version sounds awesome, with a touch of fluidity and ‘analogue’ sounding.

MQA only does up to 17 bit 96kHz of ‘perceptual’ resolution, the rest is just ‘rendering’ or simply upsample with ‘de-blurring’ filters to 352.8kHz.

I haven’t tried above the DSD 64 sample. That has 2 reasons:

  1. my network card in my Manhattan DAC II has a max. throughput of DSD64. That means that i will have to connect my dac with USB for higher res; USB that sounds by itself a bit less than the network card. Anyway, anything higher then DSD64 i can’t compare in the same conditions cos or the different connection to my DAC. Question: u didn’t mention DSD 64. How close would you say that would be compared to the DSD256 you talked about?
  2. the first sample DSD256 from the site (from Arnesen: MAGNIFICAT 4. Et misericordia
    Nidarosdomens jentekor & TrondheimSolistene) is a file of almost 1G for 4:30 minutes music. Thats a no go for me. I tried music from my NAS (a ‘Timemachine’ from Apple) and compared it with music as a source from my SSD on my laptop. Strangely, it sounds better from my laptop. Its noted on other places too that SSD sounds better dan a normal Hard Disk Drive. My SSD has only 500g and i got my whole music library on that with 470G. Close call ;-). All AIFF, mostly CD, some higher res.

Hello @dabassgoesboomboom,

You proposed “Quiet Winter Night” as MQA 352.8 kHz, it seems to me that you have proposed another similar but I can not find it. Do you remember that ?

Thx, dp.

Edit : I found it, I think it was Polarity ?

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Thank you René. :wink:


Hi Dirk, yep Polarity also. These 3 albums come from the same DXD (PCM353kHz) master, which can also be purchased.

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Thank you Sean.