Been having some AMAZING Roon Radio Sessions Recently

Since updating to the 900 builds, I have been having some really amazing Roon Radio sessions that aren’t repeating and also are not playing song that are way off of what I am listening to. This is the sweet spot in my opinion where I discover new music that is related to what I like, but has a wide enough range to show me some things outside my comfort zone.


Roon Radio was less than stellar for me when i first became a subscriber, feeling far inferior to the equivalent auto-play in Tidal. Whether it’s a result of Valence learning more about my preferences and listening habits over time or a change to the algorithm i don’t know, but I too have experienced some vastly improved Roon Radio sessions in recent times.

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Pink Floyd radio is as bad as ever.

Ignoring the fact that it keeps playing Phil Collins, it very quickly converges to not only a narrow group of artists, but a narrow set of albums across those artists.

I loved Roon Radio when I first started using Roon, which was just before version 1.7. I felt it became too limited and repetitive when 1.8 was released. But as you mentioned, it seems to have improved recently. I hope it continues! :grinning:

That’s too bad. Sorry to hear you are not having the same experience. I will have to check it out and see if I have the same experience with It. I really have no clue how Roon Radio selects what to play. It will be interesting to see if I have the same experience with Pink Floyd radio

Mines broken its repeating same song and artists at the end of any album now. It’s becoming infuriating last 3 sessions it’s basically.played the same content in a slightly different order. Only noticed this since build 903.

Hi guys, I know I can listen to Roon Radio after a song or album comes to an end. But is there a option to just start playing Roon Radio? Often I just want Roon to pick something for me and start playing.

Yep, just hit the play context on an album or track and select start radio.

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Ah lovely, thanks for the tip