Beethoven: 9 symphonies (remastered) - no match

Select all No. 9 tracks (6 right?) Edit Tracks (upper right hand corner)/Delete Credits, then stare at the track credits. Are there any that say “Ludwig von Beethoven” exactly? If not, Add that guy as a composer.

Report back. Good luck

Amendment, use the equivalent of “Ludwig von Beethoven” in whatever your language choice in Roon.

Ande Amendment #2: my bad. You’ve got all nine, not just the Ninth! LOL Sorry. New page.

Your tracks do not appear to have a Composer tag in them. If they did, I think you would see “Composer: Lvb” [written out] at the top of the track listing (different if it involves multiple composers).

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. For every track, on disc one (to begin), make sure LvB is tagged as Composer. Remove any with LvB as Primary Artist. You can select multiple tracks for this effort.
  2. Similarly, make sure that Bernstein and WP are tagged both as Primary Artist, and Conductor or Symphony as the case may be (sorry, don’t know German equivalent)

At this point, you should see the compositions start to link up with the metadata. (Ask if this isn’t clear). If so, you’re on the right track. Repeat this process, as needed, for the other discs. I say ‘as needed’ because Roon may recognize the box set part of the way through the process.

If after the track tagging is done but still no boxset ID, then:

  1. Go to album Edit/Album, find Edit Primary Artists, and you should only see two: Bernstein and Weiner. If you see LvB, deselect him (all is reversible), and anything else. Album Title looks good as is. Album Artist should work, but you could replace the & with a / and it may be a bit better.
  2. If STILL unidentified, click Edit/Identify Album and begin a manual search for the boxset. I’ll bet you find it. The rest of the ID process I’ll leave to you.

If not, seek other help. In the wild wacky world of tagging, nothing is as it seems.

Prolly missed some steps but I’ve been doing this for days, it seems. It is about 10-15 minutes of effort, and you might be wasting time. But the process above results in what I would call a well’tagged set. You need a Composer, correct title, and opus or equivalent to identify Compositions (a.k.a Works, or in this case, Symphonies.) That should get you composition matched. Then, ascend a level. Your well-matched set of compositions SHOULD lead to a matched disc, which should lead to a matched boxset.

But, and this is important, the order of tagging is important. Get the tracks right, then album tags, then pray, then go for a manual match. And stop whenever you get a boxset matched. You’ll press your luck otherwise.

Well, way TMI, but I hope it helps. J (not a Roon employee or shareholder)

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I don’t buy all that “start with compositions and go up a level” stuff. There are two options. You need to just try to get a full album match, with Identify. (The full album match need not be the same release, you could edit cover and other bits to make it correct.) Failing that you need to groom your metadata so that the artists and works etc all match. Two major options, in that order.

Note that when editing metadata you need a classical Genre for bits of it to work properly. Experiment with how classical albums display with and without that: you’ll see there are differences.

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Thanx for all your help. Actually, “Ludwig von Beethoven” is “Ludwig von Beethoven” in German :wink:

Ludwig, thanx.

And I agree. What I do is find a match with “Identify”. And I reported because I didn’t find one in my first rounds. According to my experience tagging metadata doesn’t help when there is no match available in “identify”.

Going back through the list, I found a possible match.

Using this match, I end up with 38 CDs, each containg 1 track.

Now, what do I do? I could leave it like that. But is there a way to group the tracks, either in 1 single album, or in 9 albums (1 for each symphony) WITHOUT loosing the match?

If I use “Edit track gouping”, I can combine them in 1 (or 9) CDs.

But as soon as I do so, the album is “unidentified” again.

Any idea?


BTW: the album per se (I bought the 24/192 version on is superb, regarding sound and music! Even i it should stay “unidentified” :wink:

Ludwig, you’ll note the starting point of the post was a failed match. In my response, I assumed that process had been tried. But thanks for the clarification.

@Ande, I have had very poor identification rates with new remastered high rez downloads. Assuming you have done all the obvious things like tagged the Composer you need to do the following:

In general the high rez remasters are delivered as one long virtual disk. You will not get a match with the original redbook they were remastered from unless you replicate the original file structure. That Bernstein box set was originally 5 CD’s. So what I would typically do is split the download into sub-directories:


You will then have to renumber all the tracks so that each CD starts with No. 1. I’m not sure the next step is strictly necessary but I also tag the Disc number as 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 … etc. This is going to be very painful without a good tagging tool. I use mp3tag.

Then you will get a match with the original redbook box and “prefer file” for your title with “remastered” in it just like in your screen shot.

Pretty much I find I have to perform these manual steps with almost any Classical high rez download. If you are lucky, the multi-part formatting will work first time. If not you will then also have to further split the compositions by WORK/PART. Fingers crossed.