Before judging SQ from internal SSD vs NAS

Hi, @Billt1, @james_d,

I’ve read this topic:

And I found @james_d is using QNAP NAS, the same with me, so I have something to say.
Before judging SQ from internal SSD vs NAS, I’d found a factor DOES affect SQ between internal storage vs network storage: the SMB protocol version of your NAS file service.

Roon official NAS installation guide have mentioned: Use SMBv3 when possible

What’s the best way to configure my NAS for Roon?
A: Use SMBv3 when possible. Failing that, SMBv2 should also be ok, but do not use smb2 with large mtu as it has known compatibility issues with Roon.

The default setting of QNAP NAS: SMB2.1 should be something similar to the smb2 with large mtu mentioned to be avoid by Roon official.
I’ve setup the NAS for Roon with the above knowledge, so had never compared the difference between SMB protocol versions for a while.
But occasionally I’d experienced the difference between internal storage, SMB2.1 and SMB3 Today.
both the files from internal storage and from NAS via SMB3 are great (still somehow different but not that obvious), and the files from NAS via SMB2.1 is quite poor. The difference is kind of huge.

I guess you might check the file service setting from NAS controlling page.

@Chih_Han_Ko That is great advice! I’ll give it a try and report back.

Just looked into this a bit further and, for anyone else reading, in order to enable SMB 3.0 one must also enable Jumbo Frames. Your associated network gear must also support Jumbo Frames. I’m not in my house at the moment but will have to check that I can adjust the MTU size within my router.


Switching to SMB2 (not 2.1) is also a check point for SQ while Roon claims supporting it, and SMB2 has no Jumbo Frames requirement.