Being able to see information from a distance

This is a screenshot of iTunes with a cheap downloaded screensaver
My computer is connected to the stereo and I sit a few metres back in a normal listening position
This allows me to see information relating to the song and the record playing just by looking at it
Is it possible to come up with this now or in the future

Have a play with “Displays”, perhaps it meets your requirements…

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Not sure what chromcast is but I’m looking for the above display of artwork song and album title readable on an iMac from where I sit to listen to music
I have a lifetime subscription but only use Roon now to listen to Qbuz

“Web-display” will show a Roon in a web browser window, which you can watch on your iMac. It’s not much more complicated than copy/pasting a link. Details in the link above. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Chromecast is a cheap TV adapter plugs into HDMI , it’s a Google product set up by Google Home app , will appear in your audio devices in Settings Audio

Cheap but very cheerful

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The problem with Roon Display is that it will display a big artist pic and a smaller album art. If you are like me, artwork is more important than the artist pic. Worse, the artist pic can be any pic of the artist, which may be an annoying one. Also, if you listen to a few albums from the same artist, you will see hours and hours of the same (annoying) pic.
I’d rather see the computer display of Roon.

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This is a great point, and sad but true. I think there’s a feature request to have it cycle through a small selection of pics.

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If only there were an option to customize Roon display view. I’d choose album art, artist info or track listing instead of the artist picture.

Yes I agree
I’m so desperate to improve the graphicsive come up with a very limited change to for some records where i add to the primary artist members of the band
eg The Beatles are primary artist and then add individuals which gives me 5 different photos to look at
Rolling Stones Bob Dylan are all possibilities
It keeps me entertained if nothing else :grinning: