Benefit using Roon Server on Win10 instead of regular Roon(with GUI)?

I use a Windows 10 NUC (6i3 skylake) Right now I have Roon installed, but I don’t use the audio outputs on the NUC at all, it is just my home Server for a number of different things. I do have a mouse and keyboard hooked up, and I use the computer often.

Is there any benefit to using Roon Server on this computer and the GUI on a different computer? Better performance?


Before I built my own fanless ROCK NUC, I had the Roon Core Server hosted on a Windows 10 system that is also my home server for media files. The advantage is that, as a server, the Core is always available from whatever Roon Remote you choose, and music can be played to whatever combination of networked Endpoints you want. Networked endpoints are also better for sound quality according to the Roon philosophy.

I think the 6i3 is sufficiently powerful for the move to the server version to be relatively insignificant. Where the computer is would be more significant. If it is in the wrong place when you are listening to music then having the control version is pointless.