Benefits of Qobuz?

I have been using Qobuz since April and I’m starting to question the benefits at $25/month.

What happens to the albums you downloaded when you quit the service?
Is it possible that albums from Qobuz don’t sound as good as albums from Roon?



If you bought them they are yours for ever regardless of if you quit the subscription, if the files are in Roon they will stay there.

Dont understand your last question, albums from Qobuz are played via Roon wether streaming or local,. personally I hear no difference these days between streaming of Tidal or Qobuz compared to local downloaded files, others do.

Thanks Crystal for your reply. As far as sound quality…sometimes it seems to me, (even though I do play the Qobuz files through Roon) that the Qobuz tracks don’t sound as good as the local Roon files do…I’m not sure that is the result of the files playing from a different server than my own local files or just what it is…wonder if anyone else has experienced this?


I have the same experience. A short while ago played a cd quality version of a Blue Oyster Cult album and found the SQ lifeless and flat, Had to turn the volume way up to get a decent sound level. The MP3 version on my Nucleus sounded better?. Of course could be my cloth ears deceiving me :smiley:. Qobuz Hi-Res on the other hand sound excellent except for the numerous Re-releases from the 60s and 70s although there are exceptions.

I don’t know if this is relevant.

Currently roon gets no loudness info from Qobuz. So by default if you have volume levelling switched on roon will reduce the volume of a Qobuz track by -5db. With certain types of music this completely sucks the life out of it. You can change this default setting in your zone settings. Personally I find -2 or -3db works much better. You can also experiment with the defult LUFS settings.

Thanks but I use Fixed Volume control…I still think my local files sound better than Qobuz…therefore they pose little benefit to me…I can get music samples from Amazon for free instead of $25/month

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