Beocrate/raspberry configuration?

I’m very interested with the beocrate board to create 4 independant CX100 speakers.
I need to put one CX100 per corner of my room but the official way solution with 2 speakers connected via toslink is not possible. Totally wireless speaker allow more possibility.
As sonos do, do you think it’s possible to configure a channel per speaker in roon ? Is it preferable to use beocrate dsp ?
What about the sync stability with a classic windows/NUC server ?
Many thanks for your answer.

I think you might what you need in the DSP settings for channeling either left or right to a single endpoint. sync might be your bigger issue - even at only 2 speakers it might drift a bit…between 4 that might even more noticeable. You might want to try it first before diving into 4 speakers.

My guess is to essentially mute the channel on that side you dont want and maybe that will suffice