Berliner Philharmoniker

double artist entry

besides, i would prefer the correct name
Berliner Philharmoniker

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and suppose that i express my preferences for Berliner Philharmoniker.
In artist, i edit and say “Berliner Philharmoniker” insted of “Berlin Philharmonic Orch”.
it works ok.

except that in those albums for which roon say the album artist is “something + Berlin Philharmonic Orch” i get this:

which is clearly not what i want.

so, is my procedure correct?

For the time being, you can merge the two artists.

In terms of the different aliases / localizations of many different classical ensembles, we are working on a better solution.

ok, thanks.

here’s another one

they are the same. here everything is duplicated (also the bio…).
i would prefer “thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra”

It’s difficult to say exactly what is going on. The two most likely explanations are:

  1. You have identified albums from two different metadata sources/providers and we (Roon) have not made the link that the artists are the same entity.

  2. You have an unidentified album and one of the artists is coming from your file tags.

In either case, I believe that you should be able to merge them. If not, please let us know.

We’re doing a lot of work on album and artist equivalence behind the scenes. I can’t say when this work will be rolled out, but it should improve things a lot.

hi @joel I’ve just checked. the albums are all identified by roon.
i’ve merged the 2 artists, and everything is ok.
i tried to unmerge them, just to make the check, and i got 2 artist as in the screenshot.

so, i’ll merge them again, no problem about that.