Best apps for iPad/iPhone


Partly as a result of Roon, I’m very belatedly waking up to the fact that there are some really interesting pieces of software out there for IOS/Mac OS beyond the standard Apple ones. I always knew the App Store was there of course, but never really explored it properly. Just wondering, has anyone got any interesting suggestions about things that are useful/fun that I might not have heard of? Realise its a very wide question…

Take care, J.

If you use with Roon, Finale offers a cleaner and more in depth way to browse your stats.

Rewind offers historical info about artists and albums organized into timelines (for lack of a better word).
If you have a Tidal account it links results back to Tidal.

Songkick notifies you if artists you like are performing near you.

MusicMatch opens web based playlists etc in your streaming service of choice or allows you to convert music links from one streaming service to another.

Libby provides free access to a huge number of magazines and eBooks. It requires a library card and support from your local library though.

If you use Apple Music, Marvis provides a much nicer UI with many customization options. But I can’t recall if there is a free version.

Kanopy is a great, free without ads, movie streaming service but also requires a library card.

Merlin Bird ID - It’s like Pokémon Go but real life :sweat_smile:

Sky Guide - for locating constellations and other cool space stuff.

This is a Tidal developer’s personal project , it looks quite good the little I have checked out