Best audio from raspberry pi

I am looking to get the best audio quality from using a raspberry pi as an endpoint. I use a NUC as my core, and I have a raspberry pi 3b+.
I will either use my oppo bdp- 105, or
a shiit modi 3 as my dac.
My question is which software should I use for the best audio quality, and also which style of input to the dac should I use? I was thinking the usb from the pi to the usb input of the dac would net me the best sound.
I have seen others state that the coax is a better sound , and if that is the case, should I spend the money on the hifi Digi + ?

I personally use USB from the R Pi to my Mytek DAC. Works very well. Running Ropieee on the Pi. However, the Pi 3B+ uses the same controller for both Ethernet and USB, so if you use the USB output to the DAC, I’d use the WiFi instead of the Ethernet to connect to the network. However, the Schiit Modi 3 seems to have some USB issue; the Oppo apparently does not.

Alternatively, you could add a hat to the R Pi, and use coax output. I’d do that only if you have to use Ethernet or use the Schiit.

I’m using the Schitt modi 3 with a raspberry pi running Ropiee. A few could of things that I feel make a difference are:

Usng the iFi iPower supply or equivalent on both

Running the pi with WiFi to reduce noise as the bus is shared for usb and Ethernet

ISilencer or the audioquest equivalent to isolate the USB cable.

You can do some of all of the and it will make a difference.