Best compromise between lossless FLAC and smaller file when using DBPoweramp to convert from mp3?

I realize using DBPoweramp to upconvert mp3s is trying to make lemonade out of lemons, but we’re talking about a 10 TB external drive that my DJ sister copied from the radio station over a multi-year period, so let’s assume going back and re-ripping those files is time-prohibitive.

I myself have converted everything I own to FLAC, but my sister has this huge drive that she can’t get Roon to recognize d/t mp3 codec.

I also realize we could go into the ROCK OS and drop the linux code in, but I guarantee I wouldn’t be able to walk my sister through this on the phone.

To convert all these mp3s to FLAC would more than double, possibly triple the storage space. 30 TB is nothing to sneeze at cost-wise.

All other things being equal, using DBPoweramp or equivalent, what type of file would you convert these mp3s to?

Thanks in advance!

Does your sister know a teenager she could pay to come and go the install?

My apologies in advance if I have misunderstood your question, but Roon plays all of my MP3s without issue. I don’t think they need to be converted at all.

My interpretation is that it’s a ROCK system without the CODECS loaded so won’t play MP3.

Got it. I was not aware of that limitation with ROCK systems. Thanks for clarifying that.

There isn’t another lossy codec that will take up the same amount of space (or less) and work in Roon. I would just install the mp3 codec. Roon has instruction to do this

It is as simple as downloading the ffmpeg codec and dropping it into a folder. I bet you could help her do this

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Yes that’s it.

I think adding the codecs would be much much easier than conversion.

Copying a single file onto a remote file system seems like it’d be easier to explain over the phone than all the work it would take to convert an entire library into a different format.

You could even e-mail her the 1 single file to make this easier.

Or use some kind of remote control software and do it for her.

She’d also get to use Roon Live Radio.

I don’t see a downside to getting the codec functionality fixed. I predict endless frustration and depression from having to convert that library. Best of luck with whatever path you choose.