Best demo of MQA?

I haven’t dipped my toe into the MQA pool yet, but I have a Meridian 218 and Tidal so I certainly can (and will). I also haven’t bought any MQA files yet, but again…I certainly will.

Can anyone recommend a file or album that really shows off the technology? What would make my ears go “Wow!”



Strangely enough it’s the older analogue stuff that really gets me. I find I get a very palpable sense of “being there” as it seems to me that the sound stage is more pronounced.

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Here are a few that I’ve found MQA to make an unmistakable difference when compared to other formats I’ve got:

  • All of the Jackson Browne MQA albums
  • Benjamin Britten’s Divertimenti by the Trondheim Soloists
  • The Czech Album by the ATOS Trio (I only have this as MQA, but phenomenal sound)
  • Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips
  • Kent Nagano’s rendition of Eine Alpensinfonie (stunning string and horn sound)



Nice recommendations thanks, but I can’t find the Kent Nagano Strauss Alpine Symphony. However, I do have in my Tidal library the MQA version with Daniel Harding which is a fine Decca recording and well worth a listen.

Two recommendations from me would be Joni Mitchell Blue which is mighty fine in MQA and Renee Fleming Distant Light (songs by Barber, Hillborg and Bjork)

I got the Strauss album from highresaudio. I’m not sure if they’re still selling to North American customers.

Thanks for the other recommendations. I’ll check them out.

Can’t go wrong with this.


I was going to mention this. It sounds incredible! I especially love Higher Ground.

I missed this thread, I’ll have to try this.


People May want to check out the 60’s Frank Sinatra Albums in MQA. They really knew how to record to tape in those days. I played some to a ‘Young’ friend recently and after his jaw was lifted from the floor “Ain’t it current, ain’t it current” was all he could say. :joy: