Best demo of MQA?

(Hal Greene) #1

I haven’t dipped my toe into the MQA pool yet, but I have a Meridian 218 and Tidal so I certainly can (and will). I also haven’t bought any MQA files yet, but again…I certainly will.

Can anyone recommend a file or album that really shows off the technology? What would make my ears go “Wow!”




Strangely enough it’s the older analogue stuff that really gets me. I find I get a very palpable sense of “being there” as it seems to me that the sound stage is more pronounced.


Here are a few that I’ve found MQA to make an unmistakable difference when compared to other formats I’ve got:

  • All of the Jackson Browne MQA albums
  • Benjamin Britten’s Divertimenti by the Trondheim Soloists
  • The Czech Album by the ATOS Trio (I only have this as MQA, but phenomenal sound)
  • Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips
  • Kent Nagano’s rendition of Eine Alpensinfonie (stunning string and horn sound)


(Rob Castle) #4

Nice recommendations thanks, but I can’t find the Kent Nagano Strauss Alpine Symphony. However, I do have in my Tidal library the MQA version with Daniel Harding which is a fine Decca recording and well worth a listen.

Two recommendations from me would be Joni Mitchell Blue which is mighty fine in MQA and Renee Fleming Distant Light (songs by Barber, Hillborg and Bjork)


I got the Strauss album from highresaudio. I’m not sure if they’re still selling to North American customers.

Thanks for the other recommendations. I’ll check them out.

(Gerald Richardson) #6

Can’t go wrong with this.

(David Martinez) #7

I was going to mention this. It sounds incredible! I especially love Higher Ground.

(Chris ) #8

I missed this thread, I’ll have to try this.

(Peter Lie) #9


(Chris ) #10

People May want to check out the 60’s Frank Sinatra Albums in MQA. They really knew how to record to tape in those days. I played some to a ‘Young’ friend recently and after his jaw was lifted from the floor “Ain’t it current, ain’t it current” was all he could say. :joy: