Best Distro for HQ Player embedded / hqplayerd

I’m currently putting together a new system with GPU dedicated to HQ Player. Which distro is advised to run things all super smooth.
Am I better running one of the pre-built images adding cuda support afterwards, or for the sake of GPU support is it better to install a minimal server distro and install all the cuda drivers on top?
If I go for installing a distro with hqplayerd ontop what would be the best for the cuda support? Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora?
The main hardware on this system will be a intel 11900k with a RTX 2060 GPU so I do want to get things perfect :slight_smile:

With GPU, Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS is @jussi_laako 's recommendation I believe. He will correct me when he sees this.

I don’t believe CUDA support is available with the pre-built HQP OS.

Good stuff ! For extra perfect (more future proof) any chance of getting an RTX 3080 instead :grinning:

Haha, yeah it would be nice but funds say no after what I spent on motherboard & cpu :slight_smile: The 2060 was already lying around so it sort of eases the spend/pain!

I did play about with this on my existing system. It was tricky trying to get everything installed without a full Xorg pile of rubbish also getting installed.