Best Home for Roon Core

With the introduction of DACs with built-in computers that are capable of having the Roon Core located in them, we now have an additional choice about where the best place is for the Core to be located.

In my instance, I have a networked system with a NAS (where the Core is currently) and two DACs (both Logitech Transporters). I plan to replace one of the Transporters with a NADAC with built-in computer (where I can move my Roon Core).

In case you are wondering, the built-in computer version is necessary because the operating system in my NAS is not compatible with the NADAC drivers.

Currently, I am able to play both DACs as zones, using the Core in my NAS. If I move the Core to a NADAC, what am I gaining; what am I giving up? Is there be a way to play the NADAC processed music through my other DAC? Will I even be able to use Roon with my other DAC?