Best Mesh set up to replace Airport Extreme

I have had it with Roon and my Airport set up. So what should I get for my 4000 sqft long thin house, 2 stories? I have all Apple devices. Not looking to overspend. Orbi…Eero… TP-Link Deco M9…etc??? Many thanks for the help! Want to buy while the sales are on!

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I like the Eero Pro (3xbase station set) best. If you think that WiFi backhaul isn’t going to cut it because of interference, then get the TP-Link Deco P9. It looks like the P9 is only available renewed on Amazon; but I can say the power line backhaul does work. If you have time & resources, running Ethernet between even 1 of the remotes and the base will improve things incredibly, and both rock solid. But even relying on the wireless backhaul will be 100x better than what you have now.

I’d probably get the Eero and see if it works first.

Knocks on it are paranoia about Bezos (Amazon owns Eero). I personally think it’s worth any risk because it works well and I don’t think it’s worth Jeff’s time to spy on me. But you know what they say… even the paranoid have enemies.

Thanks mate. Going to have to rely on wireless connections. Have no way to string even one node to the base. But I am not sure that interference would be problematic. Costco have the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Tri-Band Wi-Fi System with Built-In Smart Hub, 3-pack on sale for $169. New of course. Thats a third of the price of the Eero Pro! But I assume its not as good as the P9. Cant find the specs to see the difference. I do not fear Bezos…don’t like him much but no fear :wink:
Also seeing some troubling reviews over the Eero Pro 6 being not quite ready for release. In fact many say the older Pro was better!