Best Modem/Router option using Mediacom as ISP and Compatability

I recently had major issues setting up ROCK as a Core and it turned out it was all because of my Network. I have it up and running but have no confidence in the Unit they gave me. Do I have to use their Modem/Router unit or can I just order one off Amazon and connect it to the incoming cable without having any issues with compatibility. I’m sure they will try to make it difficult so they can collect rental fees.

The other issue is the crappy router they gave me doesn’t have a UI that I can access so I won’t be able to have control which will be an issue if I need to do any port forwarding for ARC connection.

Plug in your computer directly to the incoming line, skipping your router. If you have Internet access after a few seconds, then you can buy and use your own router.

If you don’t get any Internet access, then you either need to use their router, or at best you’ll need some special configuration to get your own working (which can be difficult to find).