Best music for a football game?

The divisional playoffs (NFL, for you foreigners) start in a couple of hours. What should I be playing over the announcers’ mindless yapping?


Sorry, I meant to say “furriners” :slight_smile: .

Nothing Ever Happens by Del Amitri
Boredom by Buzzcocks

I once made the mistake of watching a live NFL game. Dear lord, highlights only from then on.
Not as boring as baseball or cricket but still…

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Anything by “Queens of the Stone Age”. I play it during the MLB playoffs.

Something by “Mastodon” and the like.

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Shit, you don’t know nothing.:smirk:


Using over 3 hours to see 11 minutes of action is not very effective, I agree.

I guess you don’t like chess games, either. :expressionless:

I do, it’s ongoing action for several hours, just sloooow.

But I do prefer seeing my fellow Norwegian Magnus Carlsen playing rapid and blitz. Classic chess is more “background TV”. I even see a lot of cycling, like Tour de France, but I’ll admit, my eyes are not on telly all the time. Music (and surfing), it is.

For some really slow TV I’m from the right place.

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Put either of these on repeat:



‘Proper’ football :wink:


I knew there was a reason we kicked you Brits out of the country in 1776… no appreciation of sport!

Well, at least you tried. Cheers!

That is why one uses a DVR. Start watching after 1 to 2 hours, skipping all the commercials and by the end of the game you should all caught up with the live action and may even get to see 1 or 2 Chevy commercials :grin:

You must mean Joe Buck - anything, I mean anything, e.g. fingernails on a blackboard, is better than listening to Joe F*&king Buck. However as I stated above, using a DVR really helps to make watching the actual game (instead of 2 hours of commercials) tolerable. Boy do I miss “Red Zone” during the playoffs.

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Booger McFarland, Troy Aikman… Of course, they can’t say what they’re really thinking for fear of contract reprisals from the NFL.

Hell of a name. Fantastic commentator.

Agreed. He is much better this season in his new role as the main color commentator. I really didn’t enjoy his work when he was the “back up” or fill in commentator.

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:slight_smile: whatever it was.

I tried to watch a soccer game once.Lot of the players should be in Hollywood as actors for all the dives and fake injuries.Guy gets touched and rolls around the field like he was hit by a bus

Rugby is a more equivalent comparison

Everyone knows scalp wounds bleed like crazy.

So, not impressed.


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Have to agree … I fell asleep at a Twenty20 match once and that’s supposed to be exciting.