Best practice for auto import from Apple Music on Mac

Hello there,

Wanted to get some clarification on what would be the best method for doing an auto import from Apple Music via a Mac to a Nucleus. Here is my use case: If I import a song to Apple Music from a thumb drive or buy a song in the iTunes Store, I would like that song/album to auto import (copy) to the Nucleus as well. I understand I can have the Nucleus connect via shared folders, but would still like the media to do a true copy to the Nucleus. That way, all music can be played from the Nucleus regardless of if the Mac is on, or if it breaks ETC.

Thank you for your help here in pointing me down the right path!

You can manually copy the media files from: Home /Music/
but bear in mind, Roon won’t be able to play anything with Apple DRM applied.

All you need to do is connect to the Nucleus as a server and go to Data/Storage/Internal Storage on the nucleus. You can drop files there and it automatically makes a copy and does not move the original files. I do this all the time when I buy albums from Qobuz.

Thank you both for your responses! So it appears there is no way to do an auto import(copy) directly from Apple Music (iTunes) onto the Roon w/o human intervention. So the best path forward would be just to copy the music manually over so that way we do not need any computer to play, correct?


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Yes and No. I should have mentioned that you can use an app to keep the music on your nucleus in sync with the music you add to iTunes. You can also use rsync, which is a built in command line tool. Just make sure to sync things one-way from your Apple Music folder to the internal storage on your Nucleus. Some good apps to do this are Forkift, or Good Sync.

Yes plenty of apps that you can use to auto sync folders across from one computer to another which is what you need. Roon won’t copy files from anywhere it does not touch your files for very good reasons unless you purposefully choose delete.

Okay, understood here on the copy/sync tools.

But, if I were to just share out the iTunes folder to the Nucleus, would agree that would be the cleanest way to keep a “live” library from iTunes?

The best I found with my Nucleus accessing a shared iTunes library over the network is to hit force rescan once I am finished adding things to my iTunes library then wait a few minutes until it was done scanning (~105k tracks).

When I had my core on the same computer as my HDD containing my iTunes library, it was a live update.