Best Practices - disc layers, bonus discs, boxes - THE DOORS example

I am trying to update my directory structure and tags for a cleaner import into Roon and then have an organization strategy for updating Roon tags to better manage my collection–especially classic rock with many different releases of the same album. See The Doors as an example.


Bonus discs

  • any plans to use names vs. disc 1, disc 2, etc? I see that requested in other threads?
  • I currently plan to name each disc like a unique album (i.e. The Doors (50th)-1-Album; The Doors (50th)-2-Live at the Matrix, etc.)

-how to manage a hybrid MC SACD?

  • I am considering treating each stereo layer as a disc (disc 1 = CD layer, disc 2 = SACD layer) with same name for album (this is how I do it in JRiver).


  • I currently treat Multi-channel layers and discs as separate titles since they need special config to play (HDMI to processor). I tag them “MC” so I can sort on just MC content

Box Sets (album collections with bonus tracks and discs)

  • I like seeing the albums listed along with other versions of the same album vs all combined in one box
  • I would like to also have the box listed with it’s contents if possible
  • I don’t want the box cover art for each individual title
  • I currently have been listing each album separately and just referencing the box it came from (i.e. Perception Box).


  • I have been treating each version as a different album (i.e DCC, APO, CD, RM) using unique titles THE DOORS (APO)
  • Roon has made me consider giving them the same title and then differentiating with the VERSION tag


  • I want to sort on just my MFSL discs, or just DCC Gold CDs or just MC so in JRiver I had a KEYWORD tag. I assume I can create a Roon Tag in the same way and have that show up under my STUFF

Below is my JRIVER screen followed by ROON. I will need to do some edits to migrate which is OK since my JRiver tagging isn’t perfect. I just need to have a good scheme and ideally one that is fairly portable between players but mostly good for Roon importing in a way that needs minimal Roon editing. You can see how Roon did translate some of my versions. I think it would be easier to update tags in JRiver and them import into Roon vs. doing all the changes in Roon (except for the Roon specific changes).

A hybrid SACD is a single disc, not a multi disc set. Tagging the two layers as separate discs will not work well – because 1) Roon’s album identification algorithm will see a redundant content two disc set that does not exist and 2) one of the two discs will be tagged with an inaccurate disc number.


Thanks. I looked closer and my Hybrid SACDs are not correctly listed. The few I checked are not identified by Roon. The DCC CD isn’t in the Roon disc identification list either.

Are there any recommendations on how to manage them? The Doors are a popular band, so perhaps others have wrestled with similar challenges?

Roon can use my file tags and I can edit tags manually (don’t seem to be able to edit album review text).

How about this:

Use three folders:
The Doors [APO Stereo CD]
The Doors [APO Stereo SACD]
The Doors [APO 5.1]


The Doors [mono LP]
The Doors [DCC]
The Doors [WG Target]

This should create different versions of the same album with highlighted version names on the cover art.
If the CD layer is identified by Roon then it can be chosen to link all the AMG info

I have the SACD stereo and MC layers in Roon as shown. The stereo is identified as a different CD version and has the AMG info. The MC layer is my tags only.

I also edited the 3 cd 50th Ann version to have 3 discs in one cover with the names of each disc on the cover

Grouping version and hiding duplicates puts the 2 layers under one cover.

Using my custom tags I can sort to show just MC titles or just DCC Gold CDs or just Bear Family Boxes or just Quad Reel to DTS :slight_smile: I like to see all these specific items all together sometimes - especially MC which I switch to HDMI connection for play back.

I create a separate folder with each version/layer and then use the group alternate versions edit function for multi layer SACDs. This groups the different versions together and you select them from the versions tab. It keeps the library well organized but I haven’t figured out how to automatically select one version vice the other.

When you click on the versions tab:

many thanks!

Does Roon find the disc and link to the AMG info? I have setup my Doors APO MC and Stereo SACD like your example but since the disc is not identified I don’t have AMG info except for stereo which was “identified” as some CD release which I then changed some tags to SACD.

Do you want to have just one cover art for each album so the main album screen is clean like AMG (vs mine with several versions all displayed in a row)?

If you click on “Edit Album” then you can select “Identify Album”. Roon makes an educated guess but if you go through the identify steps you can select the exact version you want associated with your tracks. Roon gets the technical information from the files themselves.

My personal preference is to have one album cover per album and the have the versions under that tab but I think it’s your preference.

I have been using the “identify Album” feature but didn’t find the SACD version of “The Doors” or “So”. The Roon automatic closest match seemed to work enough to show the AMG review.

I am thinking I should have all my variations under “version” because I can select show hidden and see everything or turn that off and just get a one page clean look at all the albums…seems to offer both that way. The downside is the versions are listed in a column so I can’t see each version on one screen. I have 7 versions of “Moving Pictures” and I wish I could see them all on one screen.

My Peter Gabriel imported pretty well but this does look like a big project to clean up the org because I tend to have several versions of most classic albums (rarer CD pressings, RM w/bonus tracks, Deluxe Editions, SACD, 5.1, etc.). The enjoyment is having the art and org correct

Anyone starting fresh with ripping should spend some thoughtful design time on directory structure and tagging…or not want so many different versions :slight_smile:

Roon is not going to identify automatically – or even manually – every album version by disc format. That will be up to you and your metadata.


So if files have tags populated for every field I can edit in Roon I should be good? I would just use the closest Roon match to link the AMG album review which I don’t seem to be able to edit.

Actually the cool feature about Roon is that Roon doesn’t care about your file/folder structure or organization.

Roon will organize and display based on metadata and not on folder organization.

That’s pretty much the best you can do.

You can group and view together specific disc formats by creating Roon tags or using the Focus tool to drill down to recognized audio formats.


My biggest issue seems to be Hybrid SACDs. In some cases I was using:

/Album (Hybrid SACD)
01.01 track name
01.02 track name

02.01 track name
02.02 track name

Some of these came into Roon as disc 1 and disc 2 but other showed up like a 2CD Deluxe Edition with different tracks for disc 2.

I need to have a different folder for each layer.

I also need to check the Deluxe Edition with multiple discs of bonus material. I had to fix The Doors (50th Anniversary) which I showed corrected. That required editing my tags and folder names which I could have avoided if I did it a certain way from the beginning.

My folder naming Album (qualifier) i.e. Moving Pictures (WG Green Arrow) worked well because that version description shows up on the cover. I just need to fix some of the covers (i.e. MFSL cover vs. regular and reconsider my disc label art choices).

I can show you how to create in Roon a tag like this…

…and in return, you can send me the Mercury Green Arrow – because I do not have one and that also will help you “not want so many different versions.”


Yes, I plan to create a Roon Tag for “Targets” just like you have done. I created one for “DCC Gold CDs” and one for “Multichannel” as a test. That is exactly what I want.

I want them in my artists display as well as shown w/Rush.

The Green Arrow was a wonderful find! One of my more desirable discs. I got a few red face Polydor discs from the same store at regular CD prices.

I have some of my Target CDs scanned and tagged in JRiver with Keyword “Target CD”

Getting the system all setup is a big project. I just need a consistent scheme to follow over a long period of time to clean things up.

I am thinking if I want all the versions (formats and expanded releases) as versions of the main album and then show hidden to show the rest? I need to see how much editing that would take.

I like being able to size the tiles …I wonder how hard that would be for Roon? It’s nice to see shots like the ones I have posted which took some sizing.

How do you mange the Steven Wilson BD and DVDs? Here is “Heavy Horses” by Jethro Tull.

The CDs can be a mult-disc title. What about the DVDs when one disc has multiple items?

Here is what I did with JRIVER

Here is what came up with Roon

My Roon import is serviceable but the thought of getting sets like these Steven Wilson Tull and Yes sets organized as well as all my SACDs is a daunting task. My Deluxe Editions seem to need better folder names or metadata as well. I think most of those will need updates. My prior tagging wasn’t perfect so I know metadata is a hobby unto itself no matter what program I use. Getting it all right isn’t critical but I do enjoy seeing my collection well organized artist by artist.

I want to fix my tags and folders so they import better and minimize the Roon edits.

I have tried to use the actual cover art from each CD version and can bulk flip to my file in Roon to show my covers vs. the same stock art. That was an easy update.

I am interested in screen shots from others with well organized collections.