Best Roon endpoint with toslink out?

I saw some very old thread about this, but figured its better to start a new one (a lot happens in this field in a couple of years).

Anyway, I am looking for an Roon endpoint with toslink out, to my RME ADI-2 DAC. Even though this DAC has very good jitter handling, its always better to not send to much jitter, so something with a decent internal clock would be good.

So which is the best HAT for RPi for this purpose? Or some other solution that don’t costs to much?

For an RPi + HAT solution, I would at the very least run the HAT part on batteries, and maybe the RPi on a iFi iPower (if the HAT don’t have DC input, I’ll fix it the DIY way).

Your DAC appears to support ADAT not TOSLINK. Therefore, use an Allo DigiOne (or similar spec bridge) with S/PDIF coaxial rather than fibre.

I’m very happy with a HiFi Berry Digi+ board, had it a few years now.

It supports regular toslink as well, I use it now directly from computer (rock steady at 192 khz and DSD1 over DoP).