Best setting of HQplayer to MYTEK Brooklyn + and what is the best DSD DAC

What is the best setting of HQplayer to MYTEK Brooklyn +

I currently have - ASDM7ECv2 44.1k x 256 (SDM)

1x: poly-sinc-gauss-long

Nx: poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp

I must admit that I do not quite understand what is the difference between 1x and Nx - the theory behind HQplayer is a bit above my head until now! But perhaps you have alternative settings that sounds even better on the MYTEK…also any advice on the best DSD DACs available on the market would be very welcome. I might consider an upgrade at some point and I want to upsample everything to DSD (plus I have a very decent selection of DSD albums)…- so a DAC that handles the format perfectly would be best

That is fine. Since it is ESS based, I recommend to get started with 5th order so one of the ASDM5EC group, such as ASDM5EC-light or ASDM5EC-super. You can also try corresponding 7th order.

This is a good starting point and default, and good all-round general purpose filters. These depend more on personal sensitivities and preferences, and also on source content - mostly broad genre.

This allows specifying separate filter for “base rate” source content and hires content. 1x is the “1 fs” rates, meaning base rates. Such as 44.1k and 48k, defined as sample rates < 50 kHz by HQPlayer. Nx is source rates above 50 kHz, such as 88.2k, 96k (these two are 2x), 176.4k, 192k (these two are 4x) and so on.

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Thanks a lot Jussi! Great service!

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