Best Setup for Work?

What’s the best setup for those of us using Roon at work? I have been using my laptop as my main core - take it to work, take it home, repeat. Finally got sick of it and have transferred the Core to my work desktop PC. So:

Ext HDD > PC Tower Roon Core > ISO Regen > Schiit Bifrost > Amp > HPs

My question is then, how can i do better for SQ? I’m big on the computer audiophile theories and have added linear power supplies and isolation etc to good effect at home. For work though, Roon guide says put core on one machine and then send over network to an endpoint. Here at work though the network is convoluted and not design for audio cleanliness. I guess i can only test but was seeking guidance first. Do I look at an ultrarendu over the network, I have an Allo DigiOne i can test also over the network. Do I build a little NUC to be a core feeding the DAC directly (with the PC as controller)? Or is the current setup (as above) going to win out due to the ISO Regen? Budget is A$1000 to sort the right solution.

@dabassgoesboomboom the saga continues :thinking: