Best sound quality on Qobuz

I suspect the sound is affected by the RAAT protocol. I noticed exactly the sound differences described in this thread, but even using Roon, but with different protocols.
Although both protocols use exactly the same transport path (network, in my case), both are bit-perfect, yet the sound differences exist (RAAT sounds worse).
See details in this thread: Roon RAAT versus Devialet AIR.

Of course, you realize you are saying the opposite from those who say that Core connected USB devices sound worse than networked.

Not at all. RAAT is used for both USB and Ethernet. Check here:

Then I would say Devialets implementation is at fault. Using RAAT or its native UPnP on my Naim system they sound the same.

This is not the only logical conclusion. It may also Devialet implementation for DEVIALET AIR to be better than the other three (Devialet implementation for RAAT, and Lumin implementations for RAAT and UPnP). :grinning:

Possibly I don’t and never will have a Devialet system to compare. Just giving my experience on what I use, others do say they Prefer UPnP on Naim to Roon whilst many Devialet users are happy with RAAT. There is never consistency in these kind of discussions, it’s all down to individuals some hear a difference others don’t. None of us are right or wrong really. Its the same as cables , and everything else in this silly hobby.

This is something extremely true. I totally agree.

I used to think that the native Qobuz app sounds worse than Qobuz via Roon (to my ears and on my system). Then I did a blind test. It turned out I couldn’t reliably tell the difference. But I can only speak for myself, of course.


Yep, that’s true. :confounded: