Best sound with I2S: Moode or Ropiee on RaspBerry with Roon

Good morning.
Anyone ever tried for the best sound quality on Raspberry / I2S with Roon?

Or is there a better alternative to play Roon over I2S than Moode or Ropiee.

Did anyone made a comparison. Perhaps a link to a review?

Thank you.

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Both download and install Roon Bridge on first setup, so there will be no difference when playing over RAAT.

Ropieee is a dedicated Roon endpoint and runs in-memory and gets my recommendation.

I’m afraid, Ropieee doesn’t support I2S, only USB or a DAC-HAT.

I run my Soekris DAM1021 i2s on ropieee no issues at all


Good to hear, had read otherwise.
I should not repeat, what I’ve not checked myself… sorry for the misinformation here!

I would suggest that you know what you are doing with signal levels, interference and whatnot to get this kind of thing working as it can be tricky. Many HATs probably work using i2s anyway too.

That said Ropieee does support i2s connected DACs - but Im not sure about the likes of i2s commercial units like Denafrips, PS Audio, Holo Spring etc etc

Will NAA on RopieeeXL support the Topping D90 over I2S? I’m reading that RopieeeXL does not support I2S in some posts and in others, it seems like I2S is supported?

Happy owner of two of them, using AES rather than I2S because my current DACs do not take I2S. RopieeeXL on the Roon endpoint one, moOde on the standalone one. Reports elsewhere of good I2S interop with several well-known DACs.

I also use the PI2AES on a Pi 3+ with Ropieee via I2S to a PS Audio DAC.

From memory, you just select HIFiBerry Digi + in your Ropieee settings and you’re good to go
Prefer the sound over I2S than any other input, although maybe that’s more a function of my DAC than Ropieee (ie that’s the best sounding input to my ear).

Good luck.

I use a RPi4 with a Audio-GD DI-20HE to output I2S for my DAC.
The DI-20HE has USB isolation, re-clocking and regenerating functions that makes it achieve high end performance.