Best (stoner) rock album of 2020 so far - lets have your suggestions

As a big fan of rock, especially stoner rock (kyuss, monster magnet, sleep) i am always looking for new music. So let me know what you think are so far the best albums in 2020! Here is my suggestion: Omens by Elder. Not exactly pure stoner rock but an excellent rock album with some great complex lengthy songs. Give it a try!


Moving Walls by Matthew Good

Yes I quite enjoyed the Elder album. Here’s a couple of 2020 albums I have really enjoyed so far this year - not technically stoner rock, but great anyways:

Deception - State of Conception
King Witch - Body of Light
Paradise Lost - Obsidian
Katatonia - City Burials

And of course Pearl Jam’s Gigaton.

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Elder is my top choice so far too. Next couple faves are We Here Now and The Earth Below:

If you want to dig deep, I participate in Doom Charts, which has writers from around the world voting for their favorites every month:


I like this one a lot.

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Their first album is pretty good too.

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It sure is. But since the OP asked for 2020 albums, I didn’t mentioned it.

Here’s another great 2020 release. Reminds a bit of Alice in Chains in places.

And for fans of Kyuss: Refractions by Lowrider.

Great recommendation! A little King Crimson/Fripp thrown in there! Are you getting this through Tidal or Qobuz because I don’t see it available here in the US?

Using Tidal (in the Netherlands). I can see 7 albums in Tidal but noticed that some of the metadata seems to be screwed up. If I click on the artist name for the Omens album it takes me to some non existing artist page. Doing this for the previous album takes me to the right biopage for Elder. Previous album "Reflections of a floating world@ is also great. Yet to try the older albums

and one more recommendation, some Kyuss influences (also in the name):

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I had to look up what the genre was now more albums to listen to, I’ll need to live to 200 hundred to get through them :grin:

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IMHO it’s the best genre producing music now.

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And just out: Venus Skytrip by Psychlona!
Fantastic album for fans of Kyuss, Fu Manchu…

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Never heard this band but sounds very promising, thanks for the tip!

Must agree with @edwin_quadt Psychlona is very good, best so far this year!

Not as good (and only have some stoner elements) but interesting, Slift: Ummon