Best Tablet for Roon Integration That Supports Audio Output?

As my iPad (IOS) will not act as an endpoint and output audio, I am exploring other tablet options. Android (Samsung, SONY) vs. Windows based tablet (Surface). Can anyone make a recommendation. I’d like to have a nice screen experience and the best quality audio out for headphone use.

Hi Avrom,

Firstly, have you seen the iPeng application that uses the Squeezebox emulation to make an iPad a Roon endpoint ? It is limited to resolutions supported by Squeezebox, rather than a RAAT capable endpoint which is limited by hardware. It is also groupable only with other Squeezebox zones and not RAAT zones. Nevertheless it provides a very clean signal to the iPad which is then subject to the internal DAC etc. It is by far the best sound to come out of the internal speakers of my iPad (haven’t tried headphones yet).

If you have seen the iPeng app and it doesn’t suit your requirements then let’s ask @Rugby what Android options he thinks might suit and invite discussion from anyone else as to suggested hi quality Control/Output devices.

I guess on Android one could also try the numerous OTG DAC amps like oppo ha-2 etc as an added benefit to good audio out. I might try this sometime on a couple of old android phones I have kicking about. Certainly smaller than lugging an iPad around…but maybe doesn’t solve your remote interface option issue.

iPeng also works on iPhones if you’re so inclined.

No I haven’t tried iPeng, I will check it out. Thank you!