Best way to connect Nucleus to Linn digital streamer

Hi all,

I’m about to update my Linn digital streamer to one that has digital inputs (HDMI, SPDIF and Toslink). I currently run an ethernet cable from the Nucleus to the wall, and then another from the wall to the streamer. Might it be better for SQ to connect the Nucleus directly to the new streamer using one of the Nucleus’ digital outputs? I’m of the school that thinks weird things sometimes make a difference in audio (a better ethernet cable from wall to streamer is clearly audible, a better cable from Nucleus to wall makes no difference), but know very little about how digital stuff actually works. My music is stored in the Nucleus on an SSD.

The most obvious answer is to try it and see, but I’m trying to avoid buying unnecessary cables if it’s going to definitely not improve things, or even not work at all!

Thanks in advance.

Roon team normal response is that they think it sounds better over ethernet. Search the forum for threads.

Is it possible to bridge ethernet connections on the Nucleus like it is on a Mac for example?