Best way to set volume control on Roksan amplifier

I just bought a new amplifier, the Roksan Blak. My set up is Roon + Raspberry pi + DigiOne hat >coax >Rega Dac (no volume control) > Roksan Blak. I am using fixed volume control right now and adjust volume on the Roksan, The problem is the volume knob of the Roksan is not very good, one step up could sound too loud, one step down could sound too quiet. I see Roon has DSP volume control but I am not sure how to do the best set up to help adjusting volume in my system. Please help.

For best results you should be using your amps volume keeping it in the analogue domain having more than one attenuation control is not the best signal path but sometimes cannot be avoided. DSP volume is not lossless and will degrade the signal, whether you notice this loss is down to you and your system though. Sounds like the inputs to your amp are a bit sensitive if it’s going load so quickly can you adjust any levels for these?. Personally I would never use DSP but try it out. Just activate it the volume will be adjusted on the pi so you need to find the right volume still on the amp that your happy with for the loudest then adjust DSP down to compensate.