Beta 2448 updates indicated but doesn’t seem to be happening

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This is one that I haven’t pushed update on yet
And this is one I did update but it’s seemingly stuck 5b10b19f598a0712

I did have a couple of power losses today but everything looks to be ok on the displays with clocks running at least.


Update should now be able to proceed.

Regards H

Ah - problems with the update server I guess…Hope you’re doing ok with C19 in EU. You guys and USA seem to be about a month behind active containment that we have here in sg.

Damn looks like if ever get an F1 race happening at this rate it will be Dutch race first.

I’ve been restructuring some packages and due to some circular dependencies it was not able to proceed with the update. That has been resolved.

Weird times. Right now over here it’s kicking in that this is a serious thing and not just ‘another flue’. Schools are closing tomorrow as well. So we need to sit this one out I guess.

I’ve even read rumours about the idea to start the f1 season after the summer break.

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