Beta testers wanted: Airplay 2


I’ve pushed out a beta release that (should) provide Airplay 2 support.

As I don’t own any i-devices I can’t test this.
I’ve tested quite extensively with Roon itself, but that’s Airplay 1 of course.

So… if you’re up to it: hop over to the beta channel (you can do that from the ‘advanced’ tab), wait a few hours until you get a notification and let me know how it goes.

Oh, and to be clear: this is XL of course.



Hi Harry,

First of all thank you so much for your great creation. Really like it.

I just installed the beta and checked on my iPhone. I have around 10 Airplay 2 devices and now after the update to the beta I can indeed group the ropieee with other devices so multiroom ENABLED, mission completed :slight_smile:

In my bedroom I have a second ropieee which I didn’t update and with that one I can’t group with other devices so that’s indeed still Airplay 1.

Makes, me wonder, I think Airplay 2 also support sending meta data and album art. In theory that would make it possible to display this on the ropieee screen just like the Roon/RAAT data is shown. Is that something you might include in the future Harry?

Best Regards,

Martin de Vries

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First of all, thanks for testing!

Yes, that is ‘somewhat’ on the list. Spotify has that capability as well. The ‘somewhat’ is related to the length of the list :wink:

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That’s a good start being on the backlog, hope the product owner will bump up the feature in priority a bit :wink: Thanks again for this great piece of software and enjoy the day and weekend.

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thanks a lot for the update! :star_struck:

I can confirm Martin‘s report, grouping is working like a charm.


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Thanks for your offerings. Lack of Airplay 2 support has been the biggest disappointment with ROON for me. Going to try the beta XL. I am in the process of adding some additional HomePods around my place.

To be expected Roon is a sender not a receiver and nothing but Apple hardware can send AirPlay 2 streams currently.

What is to be expected? As Roon sends send airplay 2 to all my Airplay 2 devices and since the beta also to Ropieee I don’t understand your statement that nothing but Apple hardware can send Airplay 2 streams.

Roon does not send AirPlay 2 streams anywhere it does not support AirPlay 2. Only an an app on an Apple device can send instigate a stream using AirPlay 2 protocol. It’s pretty simple to understand. Roon can only send a stream as legacy AirPlay from within the app it does not use system AirPlay in iOS or MacOS as any type of core device can send a legacy AirPlay stream as this was reverse engineered.

Ropieee is an AirPlay/AirPlay 2 receiver. They manage this as the AirPlay 2 receiving code has been reverse engineered. The same is not true for the sending part it can only be done by the system AirPlay of an Apple product. Sending AirPlay via Roon to Ropieee is not Airplay2 it reverts to legacy AirPlay.

Thanks, clear to me Roon sends Airplay 1 only but still it provides multiroom streaming to Airplay (1) supported devices and that works for me. Now with the new Ropieee beta (net Shairport sync) I can even do multiroom from my apple devices with Ropieee. Works great for me. I think the main case currently for sending capability would be grouping homepods as stereo pairs right?

Yes multiroom works as Roon is managing that side when you use it not Airplay and you can use Ropieee grouped with other Airplay2 devices now for mulitroom outside of Roon. Airplay2 in Roon would help with Homepods or other grouped zones, although you can work around that with DSP in Roon or used to be able to not sure if Apple changed something that stopped it.

I’m on
No problem to stream with Airplay but not 24/48 only 16/44
Tested from Ipad, Iphone, Macbook, Mac mini and Roon

Can someone else verify this?

AFAIK AirPlay 2 can stream only 16/44.1. It could theoretically reach 24/48 and more but it is not (yet) available.
The only working added feature of AirPlay 2 is to stream to multiple receivers at a time


Okey … :+1:
But it is good with 16/44
Thanx for AirPlay :pray:

Installed beta, and Airplay 2 works well.
Able to setup multi-room playback (using Ropieee and Wiim mini)
Ropieee device is also shown up under Home app, allowing homekit automation.
Also can use other iOS devices to view/control the sender iOS device playback.

Will be perfect if can display Song info (album art, song title/singer etc) on Rpi display.

Thanks for adding Airplay 2. I have been waiting for this for a long time.

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I’m installing and trying out RoPiee for the first time. Where do I find the beta? Thanks

You need to install Ropieee the usual way and after that go to the advanced settings and switch to the beta channel.

Just tried the beta…never have had Airplay activated before. Seems to work well playing through my DAC in my two channel room and then I synced it to an Apple TV across the house and that worked well.

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I’m confused about beta XL because Im on early access and Airplay 2 does not work. Where do you get this beta XL

Nvm, I figured it out it’s related to RoPieee, I don’t have one of those I somehow thought roon now supported AirPlay 2.