Better bookmarks

I would like the ability to bookmark albums that I would like to play later. There are several features that do something similar, but they all have deficiencies:

  • Add to Library – I don’t want to add something to my library until I know whether it’s a keeper. So I want to play it later, evaluate it and then maybe add it to my library.

  • Add to Queue – the problem here is that items in my queue often get dropped when I decide to click Play Now on some other track.

  • Bookmark – this wants me to give a unique name to every bookmark. I really just want a playlist that captures the entire album.

  • Add to a Playlist – this is great for 1 track, but not entire albums.

Suggestion: Add an “Add to Playlist” button at the album level that adds the entire album to a playlist.

Why not use a custom tag? It’s easy to filter down to the albums with the custom tag.

Yes, I use custom tags for this sort of thing.

I guess I didn’t think of using a tag for this. I suppose that would work, but I think the UI would be better if you could just click the bookmark button and this would toggle inclusion of the album, artist, label, whatever in a set of things to remember and come back to later.

You can set up a bookmark to only focus on the custom tag that you created and show all albums with that tag. Works perfectly, I have all my albums I’ve bought from Bandcamp set with a custom tag and created a bookmark for only that tag.

Hmm, I’m confused now… or maybe I can see why I never thought to use tags for this purpose: For albums in my library, I get the + menu with the Manage Tags option, but for Tidal albums I don’t. This means I need to add the album to my library before I can tag it to listen to later, and that exactly what I don’t want to do. I’d like to keep my library just the things I really want to keep, and not a mixture of keepers and to-do items.

The limitation in this scenario is on the Tidal side. Since you won’t add the album to your collection to get access to the advanced database in roon, there is no way for roon to mark the album on tidal as anything other than a Favorite.

Roon uses Tidal’s favorites as a marker to what is in your collection. Every album you mark as a favorite on Tidal automatically get added to your collection and vice versa.

Seems to me that Roon could keep a list of items that I want to bookmark, independent of the Tidal favorites mechanism. There must be some unique identifier for an artist or album. Even just keeping the names in a list would be a help (re-issuing the search when they are selected).