Better Diagnostic Tools

Here’s a quote I read on the forum all too often:

I’ll accept at face that Roon is using this reason in good faith. But a LOT of user diagnostics aren’t reaching Roon’s servers in a timely manner, which causes user dissatisfaction and mistrust.

Probably need to find the source of the bottleneck and fix it.

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In my case my forum username is not the same as my Roon account and I have two ROCKS on my network , one that’s the core and one that’s an endpoint. Also anybodies network can contribute to not being able to get this information. Not a very easy thing to solve.

yeah, probably isn’t easy. Not understanding your point here.

Often, this is exactly the problem: eg, the host network! - and Roon isn’t really responsible for that. I’m not sure about the “dissatisfaction and mistrust“ part. Roon obviously works, given a robust network.

“robust” is in the eye of the - it works for everything else- network owner though.

I’m not accusing anyone. I’m saying that it is important to diagnose the problem. Perhaps there are different ways for Roon to get the diagnostic info. Ropieee, has a simple code that the user sends. Maybe that’s a better way.

When I was struggling with my setup, my diagnostics didn’t reach Roon. And the fix took weeks. So yeah, for me, that was the cause of some mistrust.