Better support for cross-subnet connections

I have a VPN at home that I connect to when I’m out and about, and I have a Roon Core on my home network that I’d like to connect to. However, my VPN has a different subnet than my actual home network, and I use some firewall and NAT rules to allow traffic from my VPN to my home network (and vice versa).

The problem is, this doesn’t really work with the UDP multicast/broadcast system Roon uses for discovery, so what happens is any client I try to use over my VPN just sits waiting for a response from my Roon Core.

I’ve been poking around with some of your message formats since I’ve just started writing a Go SDK for Roon, and it’s at least working enough for me to go use it to go through the Sood discovery process and send and receive Moo messages. What I’ve found from that, though, is that I can communicate with Moo messages all day long if I directly connect to my core by IP and port number over the VPN, so it’s just the discovery process that’s causing me issues here.

Is there any chance some sort of workaround could be considered for a future release? Even just being able to manually specify things (maybe with a fallback to a discovery if the manual settings don’t work) would be helpful.


This topic and yours suggestions (i totally agreed with those) is discussed over and over again, and while we can think that it is easy to be done, it seems like something complicated is involved. But, in the last build, Roon made the move from UDP to TCP, so we can hope that it IS the first step in the right direction =)