Better Tidal integration

The vast majority of the music I listen to in Roon is sourced from Tidal, and I am happy with the DSP, Zones and other features that Roon has, but the integration of Tidal is lacking.

As example, when I look at the “Home” screen on the Tidal desktop app, there are Playlists, Mixes, Radio Stations, Tracks and Albums labeled as “For You” which are actually reflective of what I like and listen to. I can’t find any of this in the Tidal section in Roon.

The Tidal section in Roon is much more generic; the “New” and “Recommended” albums are nothing I would, or ever have, listened to.

It would be massively helpful if the “custom” stuff in Tidal would be available in Roon also.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!


I’ll 2nd all of this. A simple cut-through would be great, and a good way to quickly integrated to Amazon and others as well. By force-fitting things into Roon’s world, we get “least common denominator” coupled with very slow uptake of new integrations. While many argue that it is to maintain the Roon interface, this “metadata rich” interface doesn’t even contain the scanned album art for man/most albums. So not so much to lose IMO.



I’ve just migrated to Tidal and my LUMIN app seems to do quite a good job, need to do a good comparison as I usually just use Roon.

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The blue OS on the blue note 2i has good tidal Integration. Much easier to find MQA tittle by artist etc.

Many of us use Roon mainly as a better tidal player.
but it’s integration is just bad. Please finally add my daily discovery, my new arrivals and new album suggestions to Roon/tidal.

Only showing my mixes is nice, but it seems tidal is still not taken seriously by Roon. Seems the same the other way round, as there will probably never be a two way playlist sync.


It’s possible that Tidal doesn’t provide access to these features via their api. Plex doesn’t expose them either and they’re usually ahead on adding Tidal features compared to Roon.
Do you know of any other software that does? Would be interesting to see.


Daily discovery is in my mixes in Bubbleupnp. It seems those apps that use the API alone seem to get access to more of the newer features quicker. I have said before that you don’t get all of Tidals great curation in Roon and we should really if it’s available as I get to see way more albums to my tastes than Valence pulls up via their own app. Tidals new releases section in Roon is not your own curated one and it sucks.

Thanks for the info, I’m not at all surprised really.

Funnily my daily mixes are not in Sonos but they do have the curated new releases for you tied to your user account like Tidals app so it does depend on the vendor as well to some extent as to what you get. Roon would likely have to redesign the Tidal layout to accommodate the new features I guess so more work, they updated it to include my mixes.

Tidal does offer way more curated content now than it did a year ago, things change quick in the streaming world. I guess it had to step up to compete and I feel it has here as their app now is the best of all of them from a user perspective, easier on the eye than Spotify and all your curated stuff up front.

Yes, agreed it’s not a trivial exercise to add another element. However, I’ve made a feature request for Plex to add so will be interested to see who gets there first. @Elan_Feingold is pretty good at giving a yes or no and explaining why.

One possible reason could be that the daily discovery mix is based on a users listening history and as far as I can see on the Tidal app there’s no history of any tracks played through third party software.

There is all my Roon plays show up, but not in the place you would think. The recent played section is for their app only. Roon additions to library and plays show up in recent activity in My Collection and You listened to this bits on Main page. I don’t use the app to play music but all the albums and tracks it recommends are based on Roon listening. So I imagine it’s available as Sonos can see it.

Yes I have seen those areas but they do not reflect what I listen to in Roon/Plex, only what I have added to my library or favourites through each. Still, I’m sure my streaming history is known by Tidal and used for some recommendations. The My Mixes are based somewhat on listening habits.

You sure it doesn’t as I am not sure why it would be different for you over anyone else. Every Tidal album added shows up, not every song or album played will come up but it’s only ever populated with albums I have listened to via Roon.