Better way to sort tracks?

I have recently found a method of identifying which albums are unidentified which leads me to next issue:
When i find an unidentified Album which is of more than one disc, the tracks are mostly not ordered.
Alright, there are sorting buttons for this, right?
The problem is when you have been wasting a couple of hundred mouse clicks on sorting tracks, you get kinda hazy and unconcentrated…
There must be a better way of selecting a bunch of tracks and moving them in a group with, say, dragging?
Or even, better, perhaps an automatic sorting function that orders them after best effort, like time or title?

I had no idea this was an issue for me, but as it is right now i have thousands of albums which are “unidentified”…

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To maximize chances of identification your library needs to be arranged / filed according to Roon’s guidelines, summarized in this post:

I use an external tag editor for this
E.g. Mp3tag

Fast, intuitive and as soon as tags are corrected Roon auto-ID’s the album.

The most common problems will be album titles inconsistent across multi disc albums, disc numbers being wrong, track order wrong.

I appreciate that Evan, and my library is actually very clean and tidy.
But, sometimes albums such as The Beatles - Past Masters (2CD Edt) are numbered from 1 to 33 instead of being split up into two subfolders (CD1 and CD2)
And i have to admit, quite a lot of albums that span over more than one disc does not have correct disc tags…:confused:

Nevertheless, there should still be a more useful way of ordering tracks? Its like coming back to Windows 3.11…

I just spent around 2 days working through 1000’s of albums to fix track numbering for multi-disc sets so I feel your pain, albeit I’d generally numbered 1…n where n is track count in disc set so Roon still tended to get the track order right when dealing with unidentified discs. I loaded the lot into puddletag and used its renumbering tool to regenerate auto increment track numbers starting at 1 for every change in discnumber. Making the changes to track numbering resulted in Roon automagically recognizing about 1/3 of my unrecognized stash.

I do find moving tracks around to change track order in Roon cumbersome, and frankly, I’d wait to see what’s in 1.3 before investing major effort working on tags within Roon at present.

Thanks Evan, i see what you mean. And i must correct myself, it is not thousands of albums that are unidentified, they are at this moment almost 500… Damned! :wink:

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Yes, it would be good to simply have an editable track number after each track. This up-and-down method does take time. I timed my self on a record with 20+ tracks and took about 15 minutes to fix. Editable track numbers would probably take just a few minutes.

Drag and drop would be even better.


I’d really love to see this improved in one of the next releases. The way this works is much too time consuming, especially with versions that have 2 discs plus.

100% agreed. The UX of clicking up/down is not user friendly. Dragging and/or directly entering track number would save a lot of time.

Am pretty sure that the team won’t disagree here.
Maybe @mike has a few thoughts as I know he does edits too…

The funny thing is that for Fix Track Grouping the interface allows for dragging and dropping or entering a track number directly. But maybe there is a good reason that this interface isn’t right for matching files to tracks?

The amount of clicks you need plus the scrolling and the fact that after each click the file moves, makes it a pretty tedious process…

+1 for this request

Definitely +1 for this request. Missing multi-track selection is the main problem since with that, one could move a large number of tracks instead of having to move them individually. Drag-and-drop would be an improvement over the buttons too.