Better ways to boot an RPi

A way to get around the inherent fragility of an SD card.
Don’t know if this will work with Ropieee or DietPi.

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With Ropieee never had a card corrupt I guess due to it being in Ram. Used to with diet pi a lot though.

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Not that it matters for this post, but the SMS-200 that I had was always corrupting the SD card.

These SBC boards should all be run from emmc memory.

Most home users don’t have the infrastructure to netboot a Raspberry Pi. For the 4, it’s also still beta firmware. And its not exactly trivial to set up (though I suppose the distros could create a net-boot-friendly image if there was enough demand for it).

RoPieee does set up a bunch of stuff to write to RAM instead of the microSD card, which limits the amount of physical IO it does once booted.

As in the name of this section, it’s strictly for those who tinker. :wink:

No doubt because it was so well-engineered for audio.

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Now now Bill.

Yeah, OK. I’m ashamed of myself.

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That said just read a review from Amir and he says that both the Sonore and SMS200 offer nothing more in noise supression than what his laptop does and using the stock supply with sms200 is actually worse although below what is actually audible… He does recommend the sms200 though for a hassle free box alternative for those that don’t like DIY or a pc hanging off their audio system.

Sonore and SOtM, the snake oil kings.

BTW - in case you haven’t noticed, invoking Amir is dangerous in this forum.

I know. Can’t say I go with all his findings as I happen to like my AudioQuest Dragonflies, but it’s interesting to know when something’s been claimed to be better and clearly does nothing to show it is.

Just had one go …

My thought was the RPi, we are struggling to get bits at the moment , so have a spare RPi it wasn’t the RPi after all

Any excuse for a new one

I have quite a few Pis running Ropieee, and before that DietPi. I’ve never had a problem with corruption, even with bargain cards. I did roll over on one card with my office chair after I removed it and it fell on the floor. I keep a backup image of my fully configured Ropieee setups on my PC, so I flashed another card. It seems to me the security of being able to do a quick restore from an image backup is simpler than trying to find more complicated ways to boot. But that’s just me.