Beverly Somach - French Violin Sonatas

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I have ripped this Album with dbPoweramp and added the following metadata to it:
Album Artist: Somach, Beverly
Artist: Somach Beverly
Album Franck, Faure, Poulenc - Violin sonatas (44.1_16)
Composer for Tracks 9-11: Poulenc, Francis
Year: 1987
Titles for Tracks 9-11:
Sonata for violin & piano, FP 119 - 1. Allegro con fuoco
Sonata for violin & piano, FP 119 - 2. Intermezzo. Très lent et calme
Sonata for violin & piano, FP 119 - 3. Presto tragico
The track names were copy pasted from the composition entry in allmusic

The CD does not exist in allmusic and it is not identified by Roon

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

No, I have not made any edits in Roon

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Physical CD, ripped in dbPoweramp, tagged with mp3Tag

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

I have added track names to this album exactly as they are listed on allmusic for the three compositions that are on the album. The first two compositions are correctly identified, but the Third one is not. Here’s a screenshot of the tracks:

Poulenc’s Sonata for Violin & Piano FP119 is listed in Roon as a composition. Why are my tracks not being identified correctly?

In fact what Roon did was to create a new composition besides the “real” one. The coposition is created for Composer Francis Poulenc, which would indicate that my composer tag of Poulenc, Francis is not an issue.

Why would Roon do that?

Hi @jacobacci,

Typically a local library entity (like Composer, Composition, Artist) is created due to inconsistencies between your metadata, or track lengths when compared to our index. I’ve added the metadata template to your post. Please fill in those details and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s happening here.

You can select both compositions entries on your Compositions page and merge them. The Merge option will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen.

One more thing which would be useful to know is whether or not the album is identified.

@jamie Can we get something to that effected added to the template or description?

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@joel, Absolutely! :+1:t2:

@jamie @joel thanks guys for helping me out on this one.
I have added the relevant information in my original post.
One interesting quirk is that I am unable to merge the newly created composition with the real Poulenc FP119 composition. I assume this is because all the entries I am getting for FP119 are from Qobuz and the only local one is my (incorrect) one.
Seems strange. When merging a rogue composition I should be able to access the complete universe of Roon compositions.

Which brings me back to a request I have voiced several times here. A “composition wizard” would be a gift from heaven. The wizard should let me select a number of tracks and then let me assign to these one of the compositions in the Roon database. This would have solved this issue very quickly.

Hey @jacobacci,

If you’re having trouble merging your locally created composition with Roon’s it’s probably because you don’t have an album with the recognized composition added to your library. That’s necessary in order to conduct a merge.

  • First, go to Poulenc’s page and click compositions
  • Locate Sonata for violin & piano, FP 119
  • Click the composition link
  • Scroll down to All recordings and add any album selection to your library
  • Next, go to the My Library>Compositions
  • Select both your local copy and the “real” FP 119 version
  • Click Merge
  • Choose the real version as the primary
  • Click Save
  • You can then remove the album you added to facilitate the merge if you like

That should do it.

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